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Welcome to the first post! I’m hoping this will be an interactive site for those looking to purify their diet.

So what exactly is eating clean?


Different people have different definitions, but for me, eating clean is eating food without additives, chemicals, and crap that quite simply shouldn’t be in our food, food the way it should be eaten, food like we used to eat before manufacturers started adding chemicals to lengthen shelf life and make textures seem creamier. You’d think it would be simple to eat clean, but it’s not, especially if you’re eating out.

There’s really no way of knowing whether a restaurant is using clean products, like, if they’re using cream in a recipe, it’s likely there’s carrageenan in it because it’s practically impossible to buy cream without it (Straus Family Creamery is one of the few), but I’ll be much more likely to eat somewhere if they have signs like organic, or locally sourced, or no additives. At least I know an effort is being made.

I recently got involved in a forum debate on Organic Valley’s website, about cream. They claim to be organic and all natural, but still use stabilizers. When others on the forum called them out on it, their response was that retailers would not carry their product if they didn’t have a longer shelf life, and that they do make a cream without the stabilizers, and we should simply buy that. The problem is,  if given a choice the retailer stocks only the one with the stabilizers, so the consumer doesn’t have the option of buying the one without. If the company claims they are organic and all natural, they should not have these kind of additives. They argue that the stabilizers are naturally derived, but why if they are naturally derived do so many people suffer health problems as a result?

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because even though a company may have the best intentions, they sometimes succumb to the pressure. It’s up to individuals to keep vigilant regarding what we put into our bodies, and that means reading labels even with products that you’ve bought in the past that have been clean. At this point, it’s a real fight, but we’ve got to keep speaking up about it until our food is once again CLEAN.

Okay. Lecture over. Now let’s go eat!

Until next time…

Later gators!

Migrant workers eatting dinner by old car, Prague, Okla_, Lincoln Cty_ 1939

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