AUGUST 16, 2014

Escrow closed AT LAST, making Two Crows officially ours!!


Of course, the house closing comes right when we were supposed to hop on our motorcycles and ride to Nashville. We’ve made the difficult decision to leave the motorcycles at home, and take the truck instead. We had a load of stuff to take to Two Crows. Plus, we have a couple pieces of furniture in Winslow that are better suited for Two Crows, and last I checked, there wasn’t room on the back of my Sportster for chairs. AND… if we find treasures along the way, we’ll be able to pack them home. I’m trying hard to justify the driving choice and make myself feel better. Not riding makes me pretty sad.


If you’re interested in how we came to find Two Crows, here’s the first post in the Two Crows log explaining how it came to be.


We didn’t move much in because we want to redo the flooring before bringing in too many pieces. It was great to see the place empty, much easier to visualize the potential.


I did bring a painting done by my Grandmother, her first canvas painted for my Grandfather, Christmas 1954. I’m beyond thrilled how perfectly it works with the stone fireplace.

D1 Mantle

The only other things we brought were some basics for cooking and sleeping, then we went right to work. Brian took care of some outside stuff, straightening the skewed address number, hanging curtains in the garage, taking down curtains in the house, pissing off some of the many Quail on our property, and getting some tools going in the garage.


His favorite thing, though, the thing he’d really been looking forward to was hanging things on the clothes line. You heard me right.


While he got our towels drying, I tackled the kitchen, giving it a good cleaning. Not that it was dirty! The Skinner Family left this place SPOTLESS and we thank them for that! (They also left us a lovely card wishing us well.)


I simply wanted to give all of the wood a good wipe down, pull out the contact paper, and in some cases, the old linoleum lining the shelves. I think I found the kitchen’s entire history in tile! If the second one from the left was still in the kitchen, I’d leave it, with its glittery copper flecks that match the cabinet handles (once we polish them up)! Sadly, the current linoleum isn’t something we care for. We want the house to better reflect its year (1966). We do plan on making a little art piece of the tiles, though, as a keepsake of the history.




So what do we want for kitchen flooring? We’d been planning on a VCT tile (similar to the first one in the above picture) but in bolder colors, like the ones below, laying the squares out in some kind of a pattern (like the one in this photoshop test)…


But the cooler blue didn’t really work with the warm kitchen tones, and the browns brought out too much orange in the cabinets. Then we stumbled across Marmorette online, and are now leaning toward this lovely green pictured below. It compliments the cabinet color, and is perfect with my 40s Melamine! I’m SO glad I didn’t sell the set when I planned to last year. (Granted, we may change our minds on flooring again and again before we’re done, but this is where are heads are at the moment).

Marmolette Green D1Melamine

Small things for sure on our first stay at Two Crows, but we want to take our time and get things right, want to live in the space for a bit before we make major changes, let the house tell us what it wants to be. Dang. That sounded hokey. You know what I mean, though, right?

By the way, did I mention there’s a pencil sharpener in the kitchen? Oh yeah. It’s staying.


It’s going to be tough to leave when all we want to do is work on the house, but I’m sure once we get going toward Nashville, I’ll be happy to be on the road, even if in a truck.

I’m writing in my favorite backyard spot. Evenings are indescribable in the high desert, pure bliss, with the wind rustling through the trees overhead, the sounds of critters all around, the fresh light breeze, the absolute peacefulness of it all. In case you haven’t figured it out, Brian and I are madly in love with our Two Crows.


As for blog posts, I primarily want to document our first few months here for ourselves so we have a record of the transformation, but hearing feedback from our friends has been fun. If you’re interested in following along, simply enter your email in the subscribe box in either the right column, or if viewing on a phone, toward the page bottom, and you’ll get notifications when an update goes up.

Until next time…

Later gators!


5 Responses to “TWO CROWS: EsCROW Closed!

  • Cool house. The kitchen cabinets and pulls and the pencil sharpener are exactly like the house I grew up in in Pomona.

    • Very cool, Tom! We were thrilled to find a place with original cabinetry. Most houses we looked at had Home Depot remodels, and we wanted something more true to the year it was built.

  • Congrats on your new home! May you both enjoy lots of love and happiness there.

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