Ketogenic Diet for Migraine

February 25, 2017 – Well hello! It’s been a while since I’ve paid any attention to this blog. In fact, it’s been TWO YEARS. During that time, we’ve done a lot of fun things with our Yucca Valley homestead, TWO CROWS, which I’ll post soon. But the most significant thing that’s happened during that time is finding a solution to…


I started this blog because of migraines and my attempt to cure the issue through food since anything processed gave me migraines. To combat the chronic condition, my feller and I started to make everything from scratch, which you’ll find on this blog: bread, tortillas, pastas. Turns out, those were the very things causing my migraines. Yep.

Wheat, Sugar, and a High Carb Diet Cause Migraines.

I wrote a detailed blog post on my author site about the book that changed my life, written by neurologist and fellow migraine sufferer, Dr. Josh Turknett, with recipes by his wife, Jenny. Click the photo to read about how I found this book and switched to an ancestral, ketogenic diet for migraine, in turn fixing my broken head.

migraine miracle ketogenic diet for migraine

The Migraine Miracle, by Dr. Josh Turknett

So what exactly is a Ketogenic diet?

Well, it goes against everything you’ve been told your entire life is healthy. High fat. Like, really high. I’m talking a breakdown of 70% Fat, 20% Protein, 10% carbs. Good fats, for the most part, like avocados, nuts, olives, coconut oil and coconut products, along with things like grass-fed butter, high fat meats like bacon and salami, cheese, and dairy. FAT IS KEY to solving the migraine issue.

And so is getting your carb intake under control. No more grains–wheat, barley, rye, corn, rice. Limited high-starch veggies, like potatoes, beets, yams. Limited fruits, trying mostly to stay with berries and avoid high sugar fruits like apples without eating some kind of fat first, like a piece of cheese. And by all means… NO SUGAR. Of any kind. This is all about stabilizing blood sugar and reducing inflammation.

Sound hard? I’m not going to lie. It is a major life change.


And with time, as each pain-free day passes, following this diet gets easier. You want to keep on the good track, and the only way to do that, is to stick with it 100%. The benefits of the ketogenic diet are worth every sacrifice, though, providing insane energy and focus, in addition to kicking the migraine’s butt.

So if you’re serious about putting an end to migraines, CHECK OUT THIS BOOK!! And again, to read more about my path, check out THIS POST.

migraine miracle

Does this mean the end of our Town-home-steaders Blog? Nope. Just a shift of focus. Recipes will be Ketogenic or Ancestral in nature from here on out. For me, this is a lifetime change.

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