PRODUCTS: Kitchen Outfitting with Made in USA!


Remember back when you first moved into a place of your own? Such freedom! No one to judge how late you stayed out. Getting to choose what you buy at the grocery store (my first “mom-wouldn’t-approve” purchase was a jar of maraschino cherries, of which I ate the whole thing and promptly got sick. Guess mom was right).


My first apartment. Oh, how I loved that place! Forgive the hair. It was the eighties.

I was super excited about having my own kitchen, even though it was stocked with odds and ends and hand me downs from my mom’s kitchen… and frankly? A lot of those things are still in my inventory. Twenty-some years later, our kitchen is a mish-mash of my old stuff, the feller’s old stuff, and stuff we’ve added over the years.

What’s cool about starting with a second home like Two Crows, is getting to stock a kitchen from scratch, choosing each item with care. Along with select antiques, like canisters and dishes and lighting, we aim to load our kitchen with as many Made in USA items we can find. Impossible, you say? Not so. The items are there if you look.


Take for example my recent hunt for a mop bucket. We were in Big Lots grabbing some basics. There were three mop buckets. One by one, I picked them up and checked the origin. Sure enough, one of the three was Made in USA. Same thing happened with bathroom rugs at Walmart. Had I not looked, I probably would have just randomly grabbed any one of them. It’s worth looking.

Why? Because this country was founded on self-sufficiency. Buying a small percentage of imported goods is totally fine. What’s frightening, is when the vast majority of the goods we rely on day to day are produced outside this country. Look at all of the towns devastated by closed factories. The high unemployment rate. The endless spending on poorly made junk that likely won’t survive to be handed down to the next generation. The more we allow our industries to run away, the weaker our country becomes.

So take a minute, and check the country of origin.USA7

In addition to checking labels in stores, here are some online sources of what we have found so far.

  • NORTON’S is an outstanding source for basic kitchen goods, especially the kind of super simple stuff that’s generally Chinese made, like can openers, ice cream scoops, rubber spatulas… pretty much all the things to fill your drawers, and more.



    • Handmade wooden spoons by Earlywood (LOVE the scraper!)…USA8
    • And (the big one)… American made knives. The Dirty Biker is a knife snob. At the Townhomestead, we use German knives and he maintains those things to perfection, but he was more than willing to try these American made R. Murphy knives, and guess what? He loves them and wants to order more!


If you do a Google search for whatever it is you’re looking for, and add American Made, it’s very likely you will find the product. We’ve found American made underwear, undershirts, switch plates, a waring blender, popcorn poppers, baking supplies, cutting boards… the list goes on and on. Just give it a try.

And now… back to work on Two Crows. We stalled trying to decide what to do about the acoustic ceilings, but have decided to keep them, so we are moving forward again! Yee haw! More on that soon.

Until next time…

Later Gators.

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