PRODUCT: Noosa Yogurt

Buying yogurt in the grocery store can be a real problem. There used to be at least a couple of brands without all the gums and corn syrup and other unidentifiable ingredients, but over the last couple of years, that has gone away. You can find a great selection of clean yogurts in a place like Mother’s Market, but getting to a specialty market isn’t always convenient.

And then I found Noosa. This is seriously the best yogurt I’ve ever had. And I bought it at my local Albertsons!

20130112-081855.jpgThe ingredient list on this rich, thick, creamy yogurt (mmmm….) is simple. Noosa comes from a family owned dairy in Colorado, where their “happy” cows are pasture fed part of the year, and the rest of the time fed premium feed with no pesticides and completely free of hormones and additives. They get their honey to sweeten the yogurt from another family owned company, also in Colorado. Their fruit purees are 100% natural as well (the raspberry is my favorite!).


IT IS FANTASTIC. I eat one of these every single day.

In fact, I’m going to wander up to the kitchen and get one now.


Do you have a favorite “clean” yogurt? Please share in the comments! I’m also interested in hearing from anyone who has made their own!

Until next time,

Later gators!


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