On another note…

This post has absolutely nothing to do with migraines or food. Nothing at all. I mean the characters eat, but…

Characters you ask???

YES!!! My novel is available now!! Woo Hoo!!!Book2

What the heck am I talking about? Pop on over to www.motordolls.com and read all about it!! Or you can just click the Square Market and go buy it now. I won’t mind…

Motor Dolls! on Square Market

(I’m a little excited… is it obvious?)

Wait… I really should write something about food. Okay. Here’s a couple food pictures, something I made from one of my very favorite blogs, JOY THE BAKER–a roasted squash and mushroom tart. Crust? AWESOME. Not wild about the masala in the squash so will probably forgo next time, but that’s just personal. Overall a keeper. And yeah… my pockets aren’t all that pretty, but I dig the imperfection. Go read the recipe from Joy’s lips. She’s way more entertaining than I.


Until next time…


To read the latest adventure with Bondorella, click the picture!


BonLater gators!

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