Okay. First of all a disclaimer: there is nothing scientific in this post. Nope. Not a shred. This is solely based on the reactions of my highly sensitive system.

With that said, let’s talk fast food hamburgers.

I know, I know. I just ruined my clean eating reputation, but sometimes a girl just has to have one. I had the flu this week (and no, I didn’t get a flu shot…) and now that I’m feeling human again, I’m craving a burger. I’m not a big beef eater so when my body tells me it needs beef, I indulge.

The holy grail of hamburgers in Southern California is In-n-Out.

It’s been around since 1948 (same year as my beloved truck!), is still family owned, and claims fresh. To this day, there are lines of people waiting every lunch hour for their In-n-Out fix. Problem is, their food makes me sick.

Oh yikes, that sounded harsh.

But I’m serious! Every single time without fail I get a migraine after eating there. Whether its stabilizers in their secret sauce or MSG on their meat, all I know is my physical reaction isn’t too swell. So despite how good they are, I can’t eat them. And I’m certainly not going to hit a typical a fast food joint!

Then I discovered The Habit, a California based burger joint.

There’s no menu mention of sourcing or organic, but they tout quality and fresh, and, judging by my physical reaction, it sure seems to be clean.

I’ve been eating here fairly regularly over the last year and have never had a headache or nausea after eating. I get the basic Charburger with everything (including the delicious grilled onions). I also like adding jalapeños to spice it up (plus having them post-flu might give me the added bonus of clearing up my lingering chest congestion).

Can I guarantee The Habit isn’t using crap ingredients? Nope. Are they using evil white bread buns? Yep. Would I rather have grass fed organic beef on whole wheat? Heck yes! But that’s not always practical on a run-and-gun kind of day. I do know I’ve found a fast burger that doesn’t catapult my system into chaos, so they must be doing something right!

And look! By the time I left, the crowds had grown. Guess I’m not the only one who likes them! Locations in Fullerton and Santa Ana. Check their website for more!

20130118-123152.jpgDo you have a favorite burger in OC? Let me know!

Until next time…

Later gators!


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