THE FARM: Big, Scary, Beasts


I suck at being a farmer. Seriously. I have all of ONE tomato plant, and three pepper plants, and I nearly let the nastiest scariest beast destroy my crops.

How? Well, my pepper plants started to look a bit cut down and ugly, and even though I kept looking for critters, I never saw one. In my bafflement, I sat down next to the plants to contemplate.


And then I saw it. No. It couldn’t be. Could it? It was so HUGE. It had to just be a leaf. So I… touched it, and good God, it was squishy.


So of course I called my feller to the rescue because, bad-ass as I am, there was no way in hell I was going to wrestle that thing off the branch… and wrestle he did. That critter DID NOT want to let go–until Brian fed him a little peppermint/peroxide cocktail, that is.

photo (5)

Anyone who has grown tomatoes probably knows all about tomato hornworns, but I had no clue… NO CLUE… A worm could become THIS BIG. And this destructive.

photo (4)

He may look like the lovable Heimlich from Bug’s Life…


…but I don’t give a rat’s ass. I really dislike this worm. I had two nearly ready peppers, and this glutinous asshole ate them!!


And the bunches of blossoms on my tomato plant? Wiped out. I have two little tomatoes on there. That’s it.



At least I have a whole bunch of jalepenos.


Now that we know what to look for, we’ve been monitoring the plants, keeping an eye out for these ugly horned beasts. In all, we (Brian) picked off two giant ones, and several small ones, and then I sprayed the plants down with a soap solution. So far, no more nasty hornworns. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Ah… the learning curve of a novice farmer.


In other news, my goal with this blog was to make a change in my eating, primarily lunch since that was the meal I most frequently ate out. In an effort to reduce my migraines, I started making my own lunch and I can honestly say, nearly seven months into it, I’m still doing it  97% of the time, and overall, I feel better. This week’s lunch: spring-rolls, brown rice with cranberries and apples, and sweet potato dumplings. Mmmmm….


Today was one of those 3% days. I packed my lunch alright, but unlike most days when the news world keeps me running, I had some time, and thought it would be swell to sit and have a nice sandwich at this super cool little Italian deli at the lofts. I had the Milano, a roasted chicken, spinach, sundried tomato, and lemon aeoli sandwich on toasted panini, little expecting to get a stinking headache out of such a quality sandwich. But a food headache I got. Is nothing safe anymore??? ARGH.

Seeing the positive from the negative–as I always try to do in my Pollyana-ish way–it validated why I’ve been making my lunch every day for the past seven months. It’s easy to forget how often I felt rotten after lunch. So as much as I’m annoyed by this headache right now, I’m happy to have the reminder.

Until next time…

Later Gators!


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