THE LUNCHBOX: Lesson learned!

You know that whole Sunday in the kitchen prep thing I’ve been doing? Yeah, well, I skipped it last week and man did I suffer for it! After a week home with a nasty cold (which led to a nasty four day migraine), I simply did not feel like dealing with the week’s food prep, and of course, I had an early call nearly every day this week which meant scrambling in the kitchen every morning to figure out lunch food. It’s one thing if you can slap a piece of bolonga on some bread and toss it in a bag. It’s a whole other thing when you have to create your food from scratch.



Monday was okay because we had some leftover chicken and dumplings, and that worked great in the thermos.

Tuesday I tossed an acorn squash in the oven while I jumped in the shower, then mixed it with some leftover taco meat and some brown rice noodles.


I discovered these noodles last time I was in Arizona visiting my parents. The three of us whipped up a little pad-thai-ish meal that was okay other than the noodles being gummy, but I liked them enough that I picked some up when I got home and did a little studying up.


The answer came from another blogger, a Thai woman! It’s best not to cook them like you do a pasta noodle, but rather, soak them in water then toss them in the stir fry. Totally worked.


One other tip: since soy is a no-no in the migraine world, I used coconut amino instead of soy sauce (thanks to The Clothes Make the Girl for introducing me to it!). Not totally the same, but a worthy substitute.


Wednesday I got up early so I could cook up a hamburger patty, shower, throw some clothes on, and be on the road by seven.

Thursday… ewww. I put some brown rice in the cooker before my shower but used way too much water so it turned to mush. No time to whip something else up, I mixed the rest of the acorn squash with it and had it with some leftover steak. Needless to say, I came home cranky that night.

Friday I had Thursday night’s leftover chicken and brown rice (not the mushy over-soaked stuff, but some nice baked stuff).

Other than Thursday’s mushy brown rice, my lunch week wasn’t bad but it did add stress to my day having to put it together day of, and who needs more stress?? I am very proud of one thing though: I didn’t give in. A couple of times I thought, to hell with it, I’ll eat lunch out, but then I’d think about the success I’ve been having, the joys of not having day after day of headaches, and I’d suck it up and make my lunch.

So my plan for tomorrow (Sunday)? Yep. To prep for the week. I’m no dummy, despite what my farmer’s market parking space called me today.

And in case you’re wondering, the farm is doing great! Look at those peppers go!


Until next time,

Later gators!

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