TIPS: Don’t give up… right?

A couple of days ago, I started to write a post and stopped. Why? It was too depressing. I’ll let you take a look… and then we’ll chat on the other side…


I’ve been quiet the last couple of weeks because quite frankly, I’m discouraged. It hasn’t been a good month in the migraine realm, and it’s frustrating as hell. I’ve been diligent about making every bite of food that goes into my mouth, cutting out ALL processed foods and food triggers, limiting eating out to a minimum (maybe twice a week if that). I watch every stinking bite of food I eat, and yet… I’m still getting migraines, at least two a week for the month of April, six in just half a month. The frequency had dropped from November/December numbers of 10-15 migraines a month, down to around five, but it seems I’m on track this month for the old count.

Not good. So why the hell am I even bothering with all of this? Argh…

On top of that, I’ve been feeling depressed about the food thing in general. In fact, I’ve been so bummed, I said to hell with it this week. I had spaghetti at our favorite little Italian place one night, a tuna melt instead of the lunch I packed one day, a burger the next, and even picked up a chocolate croissant one morning. And yeah… I know depression goes hand in hand with migraine (all of that serotonin getting out of balance), and I’m lucky I don’t suffer with severe depression like so many migraine suffers do. For the most part, I’m pretty level and certainly don’t fit the statistic I recently read about migraine sufferers having higher suicide rates, although I have to say, the number didn’t really surprise me.


Whoa. Wait a second… Suicide? Damn. What a ray of sunshine I was in that post! I decided to share this to give you a look into the mindset of a person in the midst of a migraine. It’s really hard to be sunny and optimistic.

photo (18)

BUT… today is another day, a (thankfully) pain free one, and I feel my cheery self again. Now I can look back and try to figure out why it’s been a bad month and, you know what? The reasons were totally clear.

Beginning of the month? I was covering a story about some missing hikers and while on the dirt roads, breathed in a boatload of dust. The headache started in my sinuses and moved to a migraine.


Next week? Ran out of damned coffee. Yes, I realize getting a migraine because I didn’t have it means I’m seriously addicted, but I gave it up for years, and didn’t see a reduction in migraines, so decided to go back. And I won’t give it up again. NO. Hell no.

And this week? Well… I went to a wedding Saturday for a pal who loves sweets as I do. She had a table full of the most amazing treats, homemade by her and her family (they’re all fantastic bakers!) I stayed away from the cheesecakes and cream based desserts for the most part, and stuck with tarts and chocolates and… oh yeah. The tiramisu.


Plus, dinner was from the famous LA taco truck, Kogi BBQ–so incredibly delicious–AND… I’m sure full of stuff I shouldn’t have been eating.


SO. What’s my point here? While in the the throes of my migraine, I went pity-party thinking nothing  works and why should I bother trying, but when I analyzed the six migraines I’ve had, they all had a clear source. Sometimes you have no choice regarding what you’re exposed to (like covering the dusty news story), sometimes you do stupid things (like running out of coffee), and sometimes you make choices knowing there might be consequences (like enjoying myself at the wedding). But in the end, it still comes down to understanding your fragile system and doing the best to keep it all balanced.

This morning I woke up feeling great. I jumped out of bed, made a nice pot of coffee, and whipped up a delightful lunch using some leftover pork and sweet potatoes added to some saute’d apples. Now that sounds delicious, don’t you think?


And now I’m ready for a happy, fun, pain free weekend… and a Rodder’s Row party on Sunday! All of the business will open their doors for a little food, fun, music, car show, motorcycle show, bicycle show shindig, including our Motor Palace! If you’re in the OC or LA area, come on by!

photo (17)

And thanks for listening.

Until next time…

Later gators

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