TWO CROWS: Little Stuff

Good news. I think we’ve finally settled on a kitchen tile. Granted, we haven’t ordered yet, so things I suppose could change, but I think we’re both sick of making ourselves crazy over it. After looking through all of the online samples of VCT, we both agreed on the Stonetek because it seems kind of desert-y. Plus with names like Iguana and Hermit, how can we go wrong? We do want to see color samples before we dive in and make the order, but at least we’re getting closer!

TileUPDATE: Got the samples and they look great! We found our tile!

Next comes figuring out a pattern. I’d been playing around with photoshop, but then finally grabbed a roll of tape and mapped the thing out on the floor so I could get a better sense of how the pattern would truly lay out. 18×18 squares are bigger than I imaged, but I think will work well.Th9

These were a couple we played with…MariposaTrailKitchenTile

MariposaKitchenTest3But enough time has passed between when I started to write this post and now, we finally chose the divided room, defining each space.

Kitchen Final

We also decided to work with a general contractor, that way each room should flow into the next better. First step will be smoothing the ceilings. Until we do that, we can’t do the floors. And bummer! He’s on vacation!! So hard to be patient.

Other than stressing over tile, I haven’t done anything major, just polished the copper cabinet pulls.Th7Put up the new copper outlet and switch plates.Th8And plastered where the old baseboard came off. I’ve decided to give the walls a sand (yes, even though I already painted). There are some areas that are a bit rougher than I’d like and are more obvious now that they’re painted.

Brian had a much more productive weekend. He took the cool copper light back down and did some more fixing on it. The pulley actually works now to raise and lower the light, he put up better shims, added a diffuser plate. It’s totally awesome now.Th10He fixed some of the outdoor lights, and styled our swamp cooler! The thing hadn’t been running all that well, even though it had been serviced as part of the buy agreement, and it was NOISY. Brian went up there, changed out a belt, raised the float level, and Ta Da!! Quiet and working beautifully. When asked how he knows about such stuff, he said it operates just like a carburetor. Who knew?


OMG. It’s Saturday again already, and I never finished our little diary post. I mean, it’s no biggie really, although for some silly reason I want to chronicle our progress. Weird, right?

We’d brought the Trail 90 and the TL125 out to their new home, and Brian wasted no time cruising around. BrianCT901Th5

AND… we got our first piece of furniture for Two Crows!! Woo hoo! I swung into a new mid-century joint in Long Beach, and in one of the very first booths sat EXACTLY what we’ve been looking for!!



We’ve also been building our copper collection: canisters, copper penguin for the tortillas, salt and pepper, and one pan. We’re really diggin’ the copper in there. Plus, Brian got a wooden press for out there, and another molcajete. Once you’ve had one, you can’t make guacamole any other way.

Okay. I’m going to post this already, even though it’s pretty half-assed. Nearly two weeks have passed since I started this, and we’re headed out for a few days this weekend and into next week. Vacation! Woo hoo! We’ll be splitting the time between Two Crows and Winslow.

Until next time…

Later gators


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