TWO CROWS: The Work Begins

Buying a house and then immediately hitting the road for two weeks isn’t easy. Don’t get me wrong, our trip was fun. Especially our two night stay in this 150-year-old log cabin in Tennessee.

But our hearts and minds were with Two Crows, so much so, that we left Nashville Thursday morning, and got to Yucca Valley Saturday so we’d have Sunday and Monday to soak in our new place before heading back to So Cal and work on Tuesday. Two Crows, though, must not have wanted us to go, because when we got home to Orange, Brian realized the house keys were back in Yucca Valley. So… back we went, and had a lovely moonlit drive home.


This following weekend, we got down to business. The kitchen was a dark peach. Not a bad color, it just made the kitchen very… dark. My first task was getting all of the holes patched and painting the kitchen. It was weird. We chose Clean Linen–basically white with a fancy name. We hadn’t realized how much the peach had grown on us until we painted that first strip of white…. wow!


The white looked so bland. We started to question our color choice. After a couple of coats, though, and once we unmasked sills (we left them peach), we breathed a sigh of relief. It looks great and so much brighter. The flooring will be our color pop! WKitPaint WDiningRoom

Throughout the house, light fixtures had been updated with modern, brassy fixtures and we’d prefer vintage ones, more correct for the house. I found this wonderful copper kitchen pendant light on Etsy, and after Brian spent a bit of time getting it rewired, we put it up, and both were absolutely delighted. The fixture looks as if it’s made for our kitchen. A huge improvement.

WLightBA WorkLampWire WorkLamp WorkCopperLamp

The flooring guy came out and measured the kitchen and the living room, although we are still not sure what we want for either. We’re now drifting back toward the VCT.  I really want to get the kitchen flooring done, (one) because we use that room the most and (two) because then we will have one room complete (other than furniture and decor, of course).

MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: After getting the quote for Marmorette, we’re definitely going the VCT route! Dang that stuff’s expensive!! The nice thing with the VCT is that we can do a pattern. How about these two colors? In this type of pattern?


LawVCTKitchen Tile

Once the kitchen is done, we can move onto the living room. When the flooring guy was measuring, he mentioned the fireplace materials, and at the same moment he said what it was, Brian realized too that we were looking at petrified wood. As soon as he said it, it was so obvious. That makes the fireplace even more spectacular. Who doesn’t love petrified wood?


While I was painting, Brian worked on getting things fixed. The blower in the fireplace wasn’t working so he took that apart and got it going. I wondered why he’d work on that when it was 100° out, but he said I’ll thank him when it gets cold. Turns out it was an an easy fix. And yeah… he’s right. Better to fix it now.

Even more exciting, he also got the Jacuzzi going–sort of. It has a couple of small issues that will need to get fixed, like a cracked jet, but once he got it filled, and the jets turned on, we climbed into the cold water (no time to heat it up) and sat in the bubbling brew looking at our beautiful yard. We’d like to try and move the cover to the carport side so it doesn’t block our view. We would have bought the place regardless of the Jacuzzi, but boy is it a cool bonus. I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of time in there.


Kevin, the gardener, wasted no time with our request to get rid of the oleanders bordering the property. Not only are they not native, they’re poisonous and in our minds, not particularly attractive. Plus, they blocked the view of the glorious desert which is why we wanted a house out there in the first place. He pulled 32 of them in one day, and has only a couple left to go.

A house is not a house until you start cooking. Even though the kitchen isn’t completely set up, we made tacos, including Brian’s homemade tortillas.WOrkTaco


And later I made some banana muffins using muffin cups left behind by Mrs. Skinner, and awesome vintage muffin tins I picked up from the estate sale place in town.



Even in this construction-like state, the kitchen is a very workable. I would say it’s my favorite room in the house.

But it’s outside that really thrills me. It’s hard to get work done inside because all I want to do is sit outside and look at the beauty. Night times there are extraordinary.

WorkSunset2 WorkSunset WorkNightAs we were leaving Monday morning–in the rain!–we met our neighbor, Jane. When we got to the house on Saturday we found a nice note from her where she mentioned she works weekends so we likely wouldn’t cross paths. Jane kept an eye on things after the Skinners were gone from the house. As we were leaving to go back to work Monday morning, she was heading out for a swim, so we stopped and had a nice chat. She’ll continue to keep her eye on the house during the times we’re not there and we are very grateful for that.

I’ve been pecking away at this post throughout the week. It’s now Thursday, just one more day until we can go back. I got an estimate on smoothing the popcorn ceilings, and because it’s plaster and not asbestos, was much higher than I expected. Perhaps we need to get another estimate. I ordered copper switch plates for the kitchen, found a copper Penguin for the tortillas, and got a NOS bathroom fixture of the correct vintage to replace the ugly brass one in the master bath.

Time to say goodbye. One last picture of my friend the Blue Jay and Brian’s garage pal, the giant creepy spider.


Until next time…

Later gators!W2


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  • Wow… Thanks so much for posting the great pictures and the news of your weekend everything looks great so glad you are happy with your new place!

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