THE LUNCHBOX: What I’m Packin’

So… bad news. I’ve been eating super clean for weeks, but then I made a mistake. We went to a cool post-Inspiration party Sunday night at Rising Sun & CO

Rising Sun

…and afterward, we were starving, so went to a fun little diner in Los Feliz. Usually a hamburger is pretty safe, but after I ate about half of it, Brian said, “Better stop eating that.” He has an uncanny MSG sensor. He can taste it, when I can’t. And guess what? He was right. I got hit with a migraine within 24 hours, a pretty brutal one.

Bummer yep. But a validation of how important it is to either keep it clean, or suffer.

I’ve got to be honest. Lunch is still a struggle, not just in finding the time and planning to prepare, but also keeping it interesting. Like last week. I made a gigantic bowl of a GREAT chicken salad with pears and cranberries (click for the recipe), but by Thursday, I was so sick of it I could hardly stand the smell let alone the taste.


Lesson learned? VARIETY.

So I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen Sunday, and this is what I cooked up:

ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH AND KALE: Good, but I burn a ton of calories carrying 60+ pounds of equipment all day, and needed something more, so the next day, I mixed it with some whole wheat couscous, lots of pepper, and a little leftover taco meat. Fantastic.


DEVILED EGGS: Who doesn’t love deviled eggs? I wish I liked plain old hard boiled eggs, but I’m not a real egg lover (thanks to a bad childhood experience–which I’ll spare you the details), so I need to dress them up.


To these I added a bit of dry mustard, mayo, paprika, and salt and pepper. Delicious.



APPLE GOODNESS BAKE: I need a treat during the day, but since I’m trying to limit refined sugar, I found this super delicious recipe. Apples, coconut oil, almond butter, maple sugar, all baked together. Tastes like apple pie without the bad stuff. Love it! (Click for recipe)



A couple other lunch success stories so far, Tri-Tip leftovers, like this Tri-Tip, Brie, Horseradish Sandwich (although now I realize Brie is probably not a wise choice because of the Tyramine):


And how about some ABJ TRUFFLES? That would be Almond Butter and Jelly. I found this on a blog for a kid’s lunch, but considering it’s one of my favorite sammies, I figured, why not give it whirl? Basically, you make the sandwich with your favorite almond butter and jelly….


…Then whirl it all up in food processor…


… Then roll them into balls. Mmmm mmm….


And speaking of balls, the biggest success and something I never seem to get tired of: THE RAW BALLS! Thanks, Brenda, for bringing these to my attention.



I’m still trying to come up with ideas to keep my lunchbox clean and exciting, so if you have any suggestions, by all means! Pass them along!

And now it’s time to pull myself outta bed, hop in my ’48 Ford, head to the Farmer’s Market, and destroy my kitchen again like I did last weekend.


Until next time when I share my cream cheese and chicken enchilada recipe…

Later gators!
(psst… My farmer’s market haul!)

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